Blueprint of Delightful Designs

My first encounter with the world of design must have been prenatal, as my love had developed from some deeply rooted genes from both sides of the family: The one side being outlandishly artistic and the other being exceptionally creative.

From my youngest memories, I can recall choosing different colour-schemes for my bedroom: finding an appropriate space for every toy and book, whilst ensuring that it is meticulously clean and polished at all times. It was part of who I was, and how my love of design had formed. At that age, I did it under guidance from my mother, yet today, I think it’s fair to say that because of her input, I have an eye for design.

Daniela at a young age

As an infant, already overloaded with ideas.

As I grew older, I began to develop a more personal quality, and formulate a more particular individual perspective on design – and this is where it has brought me. The aim of this blog is not to tell my life story, yet to persuade you that the design world is imaginative, exuberant and artistic, and at the same time undemanding. For those of you that think that the art of design is to conform to what is ‘trendy’ or viewed as adequate and acceptable, you are thankfully mistaken.

At some point during my childhood I had also developed a nickname, “Delightful”. The term is loosely defined as ‘giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful and charming‘. It is a nickname that amongst many other things has inspired my delight in design.

Design beckons one to explore the artist in oneself. A room is always initially a blank canvas, and we get to choose how we colour it in. This does not entail that we need to go out and buy a complete new set of furniture, and repaint every inch of our home…it just means that with a little thought, we can create a space which may be suited much more with regards to who will be using the space and what it will be used for.

There will always be the type of person whom simply cannot figure out why design matters, and hey, you might be one of them? Although it’s not second nature to all, and that the old saying goes, that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, we have to admit that it doesn’t come as easily to some, as it does to others. What many don’t realize, is that design is not just about the aesthetic appearance of a space [although it plays an obvious large role] yet, it concerns the functionality of the space – due to its purpose. And yes, every room has a purpose, in fact, almost every square inch does.

Four chairs…thousands of possibilities!

In addition to this [just to make things even worse for the design-challenged] the purpose of the room is based on who is going to be in the room, and what they are going to be doing there. So if you think that I’m saying that you have to be aware of all of these things just to buy a new couch or a vase, you’re right! Now combine these unwanted efforts – the excessive thinking, the mission to find budget-friendly decor, whilst trying to incorporate your own chic – and you’ll find yourself feeling like Desmond Tutu at a trance party.

Before we become utterly hopeless on creating the perfect space, it can be assured that it is not as difficult as it sounds. Applying a few simple rules and interesting takes on design will draw you closer to having a resplendent home, and importantly never leaving your personal flare behind.

This is one of the aims of DELIGHTFUL DESIGNS: to enable us to explore the world of design decorously, granting inspiration and ideas to create your perfect space and design-style whilst embodying and embracing your personal touch.

So why not give design a shot and say goodbye to the design-challenged?

*Be sure to check out the Designer of the Month: Miles Redd


2 thoughts on “Blueprint of Delightful Designs

  1. In essence it’s basically safe to say, “Delight,” that you are artists lot creative. With the way you described yourself I believe a part of that-regardless on the nature of each post-comes out and is reflected in the eyes of the reader. This therefore allows the reader to experience the aesthetic presentation that appears in all your posts and thus the fulfillment of your name is portrayed, as what you write brings them exactly that, Delight.

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